The Impact Assessment Board (IAB): an overview of its results


INDEX: 1. Introduction. 2. The Impact Assessment Board (IAB). 2.1 Tasks and Power. 2.2 Composition. 2.3 Functioning. 3. The IAB’s findings. 4. Conclusions


ABSTRACT: This essay explores the role of the Impact Assessment Board (IAB) in the context of the European Commission’s Impact Assessment system. The first part argues that Impact Assessment is considered as a tool to improve quality proposals by lawmakers, provide an evidence-base to the legislature and reduce the gap that exists between a Member State and citizens. However, the Better Regulation tools, and in particular impact assessment required an oversight body to evaluate our implementation and compliance. Regulatory Oversight Bodies aim to correct the limits and failures of regulation and regulatory instrument. The second part of the article explains the EU ROB model, e.g. the Impact Assessment Board, which was created in November 2006 and located in the Commission’s Secretariat-General under the direct authority of the Commission President, which examines all impact assessments included in the Commission’s Work Programme. Finally, it analyses the IAB’s findings and focuses on the following questions: independence, expertise and so on.

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di Luca Di Donato

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